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Maintain the Integrity of Your Crop

If you are a hemp grower, processor, or investor, you know that in order to succeed in this industry, your compensation is directly related to the quality of product you produce. Learn how the Hemp Bag can help you safeguard your investment after the harvest.

Transport Bags

Our Transport Bags come in several sizes to suit your individual needs.

Waist High Hemp Bag

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Chest High Hemp Bag

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Chest High Hemp Bag

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Preserve the Key Bioactive Components of Your Hemp
by Using Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP)

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MAP Preservation Bags

Preserve and Transport with The Hemp Bag MAP

Frequently Asked Questions

What size do the MAP bags come in?

They come in two sizes: 24” x 24” x 24” which is typically used for storage of flower and 36” x 36” x 48” which accommodates storage of Biomass.

Does my Hemp need to be dried prior to storage in a MAP bag?

Absolutely! The Hemp must be dried first to a humidity/moisture level not to exceed 13%. Anything above this will promote potential fermentation and mold growth.

What type of fill and discharge are built into the MAP bags?

The bags have a spout top and spout bottom built into the inner vacuum liner. It is designed wide enough to be filled and emptied with ease while still allowing the heat sealer to properly seal the bag across the width with one clamp after the top spout has been folded on the creases. * It is recommended that the top seal be sealed twice, adjoining each seal and then 4-6 times perpendicular to the cross seals at the very center to assure proper bonding of the aluminum liner. The bottom spout is pre-sealed during the manufacturing process.

Is it necessary to flush the hemp with Nitrogen?

It is not required. However, flushing with Nitrogen provides an optimum environment for preservation of both biomass and flower.

How much hemp will each bag hold?

The larger bag (36” x 36” x 48”) will hold approximately 350-400 lbs. of crushed, dried biomass dependent on typical processing methods. The volume of flower each will hold is entirely based on harvesting methods. The bags are safety rated to hold much more weight than their capacity.

What is the best method for moving the MAP bags once they are filled and sealed?

We recommend that the lift straps are only used to maneuver the bags prior to and during filling with a measure of prudence. Once the product has been vacuum sealed inside we recommend that the bags be moved on pallets to prevent damaging the inner liner which is sewn to the outer bag.