Transport & Preserve

Transport Your Hemp

Upon harvesting a successful hemp crop, the typical farmer is faced with the immediate need of transporting their crop either to or from drying, processing, or storage facilities. Our “Transport” line of Hemp Bags have been specifically designed for this very thing. They are lightweight, have a duffel top for easy filling and a plain bottom which reduces the cost associated with a spout bottom bag. The contents are also generically identifiable by the small Hemp Bag logo displayed on opposing sides. With a ziplock style document pouch sewn into each bag you can easily attach supplemental documentation which will remain with the lot during transport. If you have a need to contain the odor or if you are transporting previously dried hemp and wish to prevent moisture from entering from the outside, all of our bags are available with a sewn in polypropylene liner. The Hemp Bags are the most cost efficient means of bulk transport of both biomass and flower.

Preserve Your Hemp

In order to preserve your hemp crop and preserve it’s key bioactive components (Terpines, CBD, CBG, CBN etc.) you must control four key environmental factors: Light, Humidity, Temperature and Oxygen. The most effective method to control 3 of these factors; Light, Humidity, and Oxygen is through Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

Modified Atmosphere Packaging consists of placing harvested, dried hemp in a specially designed Super Sack/Tote with an aluminum vacuum liner and valve system and then manipulating the environmental gas within the bag by removing oxygen and replacing it with Nitrogen. Because Nitrogen is inert (compared to oxygen which is reactive) this method of preservation creates an ideal environment for your crop to be preserved at it’s highest quality. Please watch our video on the home page to learn more.

Find Your Hemp Bag

Our Hemp Bags come in several sizes to suit your individual needs.

Waist High Hemp Bag

Waist High


Chest High Hemp Bag

Chest High


Chest High Hemp Bag

Chest High Jumbo